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Auction Pros.org - We Offer Consignment Options That Fit Your Needs, Not Ours!

eBay Auction Consignment Professionals

    “You were most likely referred to this website by an online auction professional because you have some items your wanting to sell on eBay.  Let me tell you a little about our company & the different options we offer based upon what you have to sell.”

    We are a nationwide group of individuals that sell items for people on eBay.  eBay calls us Trading Assistants.  We do not work directly for eBay, but we all really enjoy selling on eBay and we can use our knowledge to get you the most profit for your items.

    We Offer 3 Consignment Options Based On Your Consignment Needs!

        Option #1 - If you have small high value item’s (Over $200) you can ship those to our home office in the midwest.  Once they arrive, a niche market expert will be listing your items for you. We call this service DropShip Consignment. - Click Here for info on Option #1

       Option #2 - If you have the ability to take good photo’s of your items, ship them (either box yourself or have the UPS store do it for you) & you want to be more involved with the process. We have a service called: We List You Ship. - Click Here for info on Option #2

      Option #3 - If you have many larger lower value item’s (Below $100) we recommend using a local eBay Trading Assistant.  You send your information to an auction coordinator & we match you up with a local eBay Trading Assistant that we think will be able to sell your items the best for you. We call this service Local Trading Assistant. - Click Here for info on Option #3

If Your Not Sure What Option Would Be Best

Give Garry, The Auction Coordinator A Call @ 209.EBAY.PRO

eBay Auction Consignment Options Based On What You Need Help Selling