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Auction Pros.org - We Offer Consignment Options That Fit Your Needs, Not Ours!

eBay Auction Consignment Options Based On What You Need Help Selling

eBay Stopped Their Trading Assistant Program...

BUT... We Didn’t Stop Helping People Sell Their Items!

    We have been selling items on eBay since 2002 & we have lots of experience in making sure your items don’t just get listed... They get sold for a profit.  The reason that the local eBay Drop-Off location closed up is because they couldn’t make enough to pay their rent & themselves.  The only way they could keep their doors open is to charge you a higher commission and make money off items that wouldn’t sell for a profit for the owner.

    Our philosophy has been different.  We don’t want you to bring in a truck load of everything from your left over garage sale... We would then have to sort through all the stuff & warehouse it & charge you for that.  We like to educate you on what stuff is worth selling.  Have you get those items to us & have us just sell the items that will make you money.   Not squander away your profits on the junk that won’t end up making you money.

    We Offer 3 Consignment Options Based On Your Consignment Needs!

        Option #1 - If you have small high value item’s (Over $200) you can ship those to our home office in the midwest.  Once they arrive, a niche market expert will be listing your items for you. - Click Here for info on Consignment Option #1

       Option #2 - If you have the ability to take good photo’s of your items, ship them (either box yourself or have the UPS store do it for you) & you want to be more involved with the process. - Click Here for info on Consignment Option #2

        Option #3 - You are reasonably close to Kansas City or Sacramento & can get your items to use. - Click Here for info on Consignment Option #3

If Your Not Sure What Option Would Be Best

Give Garry, The Auction Coordinator A Call @ 209.EBAY.PRO